How construction block and beam floor businesses have upgraded their manufacturing

block and beam floor

Foundations of houses used to be manufactured by simply pouring concrete into an empty foundation trench, well recently the construction industry has been revolutionised by a cheap block and beam floor technique. For anyone that not familiar with this flooring and foundation technique block and beam flooring is a means of providing a building with the stability it needs by using prestressed concrete beams which are then bridged by solid concrete block within the gaps between the beams. The combination of these two concrete materials makes for and extra strong foundation that is up to the task of supporting even the heaviest of buildings without the need for expensive steel reinforced blocks.

A Block and beam floor adds real strength to flooring

The secret the extraordinary strength in a block and beam floor is the fact that the concrete beams themselves are fashioned using advanced technologies. Rather than simply casting the concrete, during the formation stage the beams are put under high pressure which compresses the concrete flooring and makes and extra strong material for building use. The best part about this construction technique is that because concrete is such a common material than can be found pretty much everywhere, the materials themselves are relatively inexpensive.

Not only this but a known characteristic of concrete is that it continues to strengthen with age, meaning that buildings constructed in this way can last for decades. This is a massive improvement on more traditional forms of foundations and flooring that people may be more slightly well acquainted with.

How an industrial dishwasher is revolutionising the commercial catering industry


There are few pieces of technology that have had the immediate impact on an industry than the industrial dishwasher, these invaluable dishwashers have not only improved the margins of the restaurant industry but have also saved immeasurable numbers of man hours in the process too. For those not familiar with them, industrial dishwashers are just like their domestic dish-washing counterparts except that the parts used to construct them are much more heavy duty and durable too. Added to this commercial dishwashers have added capacity to meat the demands of large kitchens that wash dishes in their hundreds rather than a few here and there.

What has an industrial dishwasher done for caterers?

These impressive pieces of machinery are able to deal with in excess of 50 dirty dishes and other common kitchen equipment within 2 to 3 minutes of being switched on. With this capability of getting dishes clean in such a short period of time, restaurant owners are able to buy less dishes and still have the same catering capacity. This gives them not only more valuable space in a kitchen where they can store things such as ingredients but it also saves them a lot of time in the sense that they don’t have to pay someone to do the dishwashing for them.

The only snag is that the dishwasher still has to be loaded and unloaded but this isn’t the case with some of the larger styles of industrial dishwasher which actually have conveyor belt systems built in. Some of the higher end models have a large degree of automation built into them too, meaning that detergents and other materials are dosed into them in the most efficient and hands free way.

How efficient skip hire stoke on trent effects industry

Companies in Stoke on Trent where we based our interviews tell us that efficient skip hire stoke on trent has made an incredible difference to their bottom line and the efficiency of their construction companies. Skip hire is something that not many people give a whole lot of thought to but it can be incredibly important in a construction supply chain that involved generating a lot of waste that needs to be disposed of. If for example a wall is being knocked down, a tremendous amount of rubble is typically generated, if there’s no one in Stoke on Trent or in the local vicinity to get rid of this rubble, then the entire construction and waste management process comes to a grinding halt.

How are skip hire lincoln and stoke on trent run efficiently

The key to running a skip hire service efficiently as with other construction projects is to stick to deadlines and schedules effectively. The main point of contention between construction and skip hiring companies is that skips are often neglected and not collected on time. Other times problems such as skip permits, which are needed to place this equipment on places like public highways are forgotten which can cause major headaches, particularly if the company in question is not working on private land.

The most efficient of these skips companies have all of these things working together at the same time and running harmoniously. Depending on the job, there may be two skip lorries running at the same time in tandem which ensures that there is no down time for these construction companies